Georgy Zhukov quotes

1 December 1896 Strelkovka, Kaluga Governorate, Russian EmpireZhukov.

18 June 1974.

Red Army General.

Georgy Zhukov was a Soviet Red Army General.

No sparing soldiers, women will give birth to more of them!
– Georgy Zhukov

The longer the battle lasts the more force we’ll have to use!
– Georgy Zhukov

If we come to a minefield, our infantry attacks exactly as it were not there.
– Georgy Zhukov

We got 16,000 wonderful vehicles. We got all the steel that we make our tanks out of. Of course, we couldn’t have done without Western aid.
– Georgy Zhukov

Generalissimo Stalin directed every move… made every decision… He is the greatest and wisest military genius who ever lived…
– Georgy Zhukov

There are things in Russia which are not as they seem.
– Georgy Zhukov