Jason Bourne (2016) quotes

Paul Greengrass.

Matt Damon.
Tommy Lee Jones.
Alicia Vikander.

The CIA’s most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past.

I volunteered because I thought our enemies killed him. I volunteered because of a lie.
– Jason Bourne

You’re never going to find any peace. Not until you admit to yourself who you really are.
– CIA Director Robert Dewey

The next bullet’s in your head!
– Jason Bourne

32 kills, Jason. Every one of them made a difference. People all across this country are safer because of what you did.
– CIA Director Robert Dewey

That was the day he was killed! They said he was killed by terrorists. He wasn’t killed by terrorists, was he?
– Jason Bourne

Bourne? Jesus Christ!
– Craig Jeffers