Korean Proverbs

To begin is to be half done.

Man’s mind changes throughout the course of a day.

One moment is worth more than a thousand gold pieces.

Even children of the same mother look different.

Words have no wings but they can fly a thousand miles.

A kitchen knife cannot carve its own handle.

Put off for one day and ten days will pass.

Carve a peg only after you have observed the hold.

Even a fish wouldn’t get into trouble if it kept its mouth shut.

The person who knows himself and his opponet will be invincible.

A turtle travels only when it sticks its neck out.

Anyone who goes hungry for three days will be inclined to steal.

The deeper the waters are, the more still they run.

Even if the sky falls on you, there is a hole that you can escape from.

Even if you encounter a stone bridge, tap it first before crossing.

Cast no dirt into the well that gives you water.

Power lasts ten years; influence not more than a hundred.

The person who has many faults is usually the first to criticize others.